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When Oberig provides you with the top specialists to get your project done in time, that is called outstaffing. No matter if it’s a project manager, a software developer or a QA engineer, we will find the most suitable candidate for you.

Look at our developers
Ever thought of outstaffing services?

Are you in search of new talents? You are spending too much time on hiring instead of working on strengthening your business, aren’t you? Tired of breaking deadlines?

Then you definitely need some help from the recruiting professionals.

We assure you’ll feel all the benefits from adopting the outstaffing model:

  • more time for internal business tasks
  • no need to arrange additional working spaces for newcomers
  • the outstaffed specialists are dedicated to one project
  • you’ll always meet deadlines
  • the high quality of developed product
Benefits of outstaffing

You are the one who controls the project

One team works on one single project, could you wish for more? And that is all about the outstaffing, such a model gives you an opportunity to have the perfect communication within the team, avoid delays, and increase the overall efficiency. Besides, there are no third-party chefs to drive your project.

You can improve the project’s quality

This point is very connected to the previous one. Since the team is dedicated to one project, its quality will definitely be higher. The developers are more likely to have enough time to learn the project inside out, all the inner processes, and thereby write perfect code.

You can cut expenses on IT

Building a dedicated team somewhere abroad is a pricey thing. Luckily, that is not about the outstaffing! Such a model usually decreases your expenses on development all while ensuring the efficiency is at its highest. With our advantage of hiring skilled and experienced developers in Europe at a reasonable price, you can definitely cut some of the most significant costs.

You can be sure we’ll find THE one for you

To find the right specialist for your project we put a lot of effort and time into the process. Why is it so important? The quality of our research defines your project’s success. And when we feel like this is the right candidate for you, we schedule a co-interview with a client. This helps a lot to understand if the person is a good fit. So, there is no hiring pain for you anymore, we let you focus on your internal processes and undertake all the recruitment responsibilities.
Our Last Successful Projects
Case No.1 - A Swiss company
Client’s needs:
.NET developer
Our solution:
We’ve picked a .NET developer and some time later the team grew up to 10 persons hired by us, including a team leader, a project manager, and a system administrator. We’ve completely taken up the burdens of documents management, hiring & recruitment processes, and office management of the client’s shoulders.
The level of specialists:
Middle and Senior
The client focused on running the business instead of wasting time on thousands of interviews. They cut expenses on development, gained highly-skilled specialists into the team, and met all the deadlines.
Case No.2 - A US company
Client’s needs:
2 Clarion developers, 1 C# developer
Our solution:
We’ve found the required specialists in one month and within a short time the team counted 8 teammates. We covered all the current hiring & recruitment processes, dealt with the office management, and performed accounting support.
The level of specialists:
Middle and Senior
The client had enough time to concentrate on the company’s growth and had an opportunity to cooperate with the top engineers.
Case No.3 - A US company
Client’s needs:
2 PHP developers
Our solution:
We’ve provided our client with 2 experienced specialists, in a couple of years their company significantly grew up and that in turn led to the team growing up to 16 persons -- team leaders, project managers, a system administrator, QA engineers, etc. Additionally, we completely took care of all the document and office management processes, accounting, hiring & recruitment.
The level of specialists:
Middle and Senior
By outsourcing day-to-day processes to us, the client could successfully develop the business. We ensured the time for hiring and recruitment of one specialist didn’t exceed 1 month, so the client met all the deadlines.