IT outsourcing, web development, software development, e-commerce solutions, mobile applications, cloud applications is an IT outsourcing company with headquarters in Slovenia (EU) and development center in Eastern Europe.

IT outsourcing companyWe offer both offshore and nearshore software development services. Our company consists of several dedicated teams with their own area of expertise: development of web, desktop and mobile applications, cloud applications solutions, development of various software products, set up of startup projects. We have great experience in delivering different IT projects (both web and software projects) on various PC and mobile platforms.

Over the past decade we’ve become a part of Europe IT market with own nearshore software development centre. Our top priorities are quality assurance, technical expertise, development of reliable software systems and revenue bringing products.

You will enjoy working with us and find a responsibility, intelligence and creative thinking in fulfilling your tasks, supporting your business and developing your IT projects.

Send us idea of your project and we will help you to estimate development time and costs.